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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Herstellung von Koerpern, insbesondere mit inhomogener Werkstoffstruktur

Manufacture of body with heterogeneous material structure, e.g. medical implant - separating regions of body comprising different material compositions and determining coarse strategy for manufacture.
: Winkler, R.; Koch, K.U.; Schultheiss, M.

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DE 1997-19724881 A: 19970612
DE 1997-19724881 A: 19970612
DE 19724881 A1: 19981224
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The method involves computer-aided construction of a body that comprises at least two regions of different material compositions. The control data for manufacture of the body is calculated on the basis of the computer-aided construction. The body is made with a rapid prototyping method by processing the calculated data. The regions of the body having different material compositions are separated and a coarse strategy is determined for the manufacture of the body. The borders between the two or more regions are continuous either geometrically or by adaptation of the material. ADVANTAGE - Allows manufacture of body with heterogeneous material structure and predetermined internal structure, using large selection of materials.