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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Herstellung flaechiger, einseitig strukturierter keramischer oder pulvermetallurgischer Bauteile

Flat structured ceramic or powder metallurgical parts production - in which the viscosity of the thermoplastic slip is adjusted before, during or after applying the slip to a mould.
: Lenk, R.; Richter, C.

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DE 1997-19703032 A: 19970129
DE 1997-19703032 A: 19970129
DE 19703032 C1: 19980827
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Production of flat structured ceramic or powder metallurgical constructional parts is claimed, in which a ceramic or metallic powder with a thermoplastic binder and further known materials is processed to a thermoplastic slip (2), and the evacuated slip (2) is forced from an opening of a heated container (1). Evacuation of the slip (2) is carried out before inserting into the heated container (1) and the temp. of the slip (2) is adjusted below the vaporisation temp. of the thermoplastic binder. The slip (2) is pressed into moulds (4) with negative structuring of the surface of parts to be formed. After cooling the thermoplastic slip (2) the moulding (5) is removed from the mould (4), the binder driven off, and the moulding sintered. The novelty is that before insertion, a viscosity of the thermoplastic slip is adjusted to 0.05-4.0 Pa.s, and the mould is evacuated before, during or after inserting the thermoplastic slip to a pressure of 5 Pa - 0.09 MPa. Insertion of the slip is carried out at 40-180 deg. C. An apparatus for carrying out the process is also claimed. The thermoplastic binder is paraffin or wax. The further known materials are stearic acid or oleic acid. The powder metallurgical material is a hard metal. The ceramic material is silicon nitride, aluminium nitride or PZT. USE - The parts are used as cooling elements or as substrates for electronic constructional elements. ADVANTAGE - The ceramic or metallurgical powder has high packing density.