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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Herstellung eines Faserformkoerpers

Metallic, ceramic and-or carbon fibrous article production - by fibre delivery from rotating screen drum onto moving support.
: Kostmann, C.; Moegel, K.; Stephani, G.

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DE 1997-19712625 A: 19970326
DE 1997-19712625 A: 19970326
DE 19712625 C2: 20030220
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A fibrous article manufacturing process involves producing metallic, intermetallic, ceramic and/or carbon fibre mixtures of 0.5-5 cm length and 1-2000 mu diameter, transporting the fibres into the interior of a distributor roll rotating at at most 60 rpm for delivery through the roll meshes onto a moving support and then joining the fibres together at their intersections. Also claimed is an apparatus for producing non-woven fibre material, including a screen drum (2) and a distributor (6) which are connected to a vibrating chute (1), a sieve (5) and a delivery hopper (4) for melt extracted fibres. USE - As filter material. ADVANTAGE - The process allows production of nonwoven fibre material, having variable but predetermined layer structure, increased structural strength and controlled porosity, from greater than 10 mu mean diameter metallic fibres or other fibres in an energy-saving and environment-friendly manner.