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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Erzeugung hochangeregter Plasmen mittels Funkenentladung fuer die Abscheidung duenner Schichten

Pulsed high power plasma generation device for cleaning thin dielectric substrates - has tube of SiO2 with cathode and anode system producing fully ionised hot gas plasma oxygen, with gas pressure control.
: Schultrich, B.; Lenk, A.; Witke, T.

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DE 1996-19629054 A1: 19960718
DE 1997-19727883 A: 19970630
DE 19727883 A1: 19980129
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The device has a dielectric tube of SiO2 with a wall thickness of 2 mm, a length of 7 cm and an inner diameter of 7 mm. Into one end is set a cathode [1] part, that is fabricated from metal, semiconductor material or carbon. An anode [3] is located at the other end, and the separating distance is 8 cm. The anode may also be made from metal, semiconductor material or carbon. A capacitor discharge is used to trigger the plasma in the tube. The anode is located in an argon gas filled space. The arc discharge in the tube produces a plasma that flows from the anode side. USE - For processing of thin dielectric sheets, such as ceramic materials ADVANTAGE - Ensures pulsed discharge onto dispensing target.