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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Erfassung von 3D-Fehlstellen bei der automatischen Inspektion von Oberflaechen mit Hilfe farbtuechtiger Bildauswertungssysteme

Detecting 3-D fault locations with automatic monitoring of specimen surfaces using camera - has image colour evaluation system, where moving specimen is simultaneously irradiated with light of different colours in at least two different directions.
: Paul, D.; Geisselmann, H.

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DE 1995-19511534 A: 19950329
DE 1995-19511534 A: 19950329
DE 19511534 C2: 19980122
US 6064478 A: 20000516
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The fault detection involves irradiating (L1,L2) different colours of light e.g. are red, green and blue in at least two different directions onto a moving specimen (Pruefling), and image evaluation using a colour line camera (Kamera). The flanks of the 3D fault locations on the surface of a specimen appear in varied colour. An evaluation of at least two colour channels is performed, and based on the varied colouring, 3D fault locations are determined and differentiated from flat fault locations. The difference between a fault free surface, flat fault location and 3D fault location is determined by a colour classifier which has been previously trained on the appearance of a fault-free surface and on flat fault locations. USE/ADVANTAGE - For automatic inspection of items on continuously running conveyor to determining 3-D faults locations such as depressions, steps, material breaks, ripples or protrusions, as well as flat fault locations. 3-D faults are determined unambiguously i.e. the y can be differentiated from flat fault places.