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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Bestimmung des Verschleisszustandes von Oberleitungsfahrdraehten

RF system for determining wear condition of overhead trolley wire for rail traffic - has sensor head movable over wire with contact and with at least 1 sensor element with exciter-receiver winding guidable over wire and exciter winding excited by HF voltage.
: Schurig, C.; Trommer, E.D.I.; Becker, R.; Disque, M.

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DE 1997-19711504 A: 19970319
DE 1997-19711504 A: 19970319
DE 1998-29803906 U: 19980305
DE 29803906 U1: 19980604
DE 19711504 A1: 19980924
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The system includes a sensor head (2) movable along the overhead wire (1). The sensor head has at least one sensor element with an exciter winding and a receiver winding, which is guidable over the overhead wire being monitored, and is brought in to contact with this. With the application of an AC HF voltage on the exciter winding, eddy currents are generated in the overhead trolley wire to produce a magnetic field. The magnetic field induces an electric voltage in the receiver winding of the sensor element, which is a measure for the contact surface between the sensor element and the overhead trolley wire, and can be used to determine the wear condition of the overhead trolley wire. A multiple of sensor elements are provided, and so arranged at the sensor head, that the contact surface between wire and sensor head is completely covered by at least one sensor element. ADVANTAGE - Measurement carried out with small appts. cost with comparable accuracy. Data determination is accelerated and measurement vehicles can travel at high speeds to match normal train succession.