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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Bestimmung des CO2-Gehaltes in Gasen

Determination of carbon dioxide content in gas by metal-oxide sensors - allowing for moisture content of gas flow divided into two parts for analysis with and without desiccation or freeze-drying
: Hoefer, U.; Steiner, K.

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DE 1995-19534557 A: 19950918
DE 1995-19534557 A: 19950918
DE 19534557 C2: 20030814
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The method operates on a flow of gas through two adjacent pipes, one (3) of which has a desiccator (2) ahead of its gas sensor (1). The second pipe (4) contains one or more sensors (5) preferably for at least one other component of the gas. The desiccator reduces the moisture content of the gas to less than 5% and is followed by a temperature sensor (6) and a humidity-measuring device (7) for compensation purposes. The flow through the first pipe is analysed by at least one sensor operating on a different principle and reducing the cross-sensitivities. USE - For atmospheric monitoring in workplace, dwellings and environment. CO2 content can be measured with sufficient precision and sensitivity.