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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Bestimmung der Haltbarkeit von Lebensmitteln und dessen Verwendung

Storage characteristics measuring device for foodstuffs - measures oxygen content of residual volume in container holding foodstuff upon application of heat.

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DE 1995-19528400 A: 19950802
DE 1995-19528400 A: 19950802
DE 19528400 C1: 19961024
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The measuring device has a gas-tight opaque container in which the foodstuff is placed before heating and measurement of the oxygen content of the residual volume within the container via an oxygen electrode. The measured oxygen content and/or the rate of decrease in the oxygen content over time is used for evaluation of the storage characteristics of the foodstuff. The latter may be heated to a max. temp of 40 degrees C with the temp maintained during the measuring interval. USE - For quantative evaluation of foodstuff storage life.