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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Abstandsmessung nach dem Triangulationsprinzip

Method of distance measurement using triangulation principle - directs light with distinguishable components towards object, focussing components at to produce separate spots of different diameter, produces images of spots on detector which generates signals separately detected.
: Tutsch, R.; Sowa, P.; Pfeifer, T.

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DE 1997-19732376 A: 19970725
DE 1997-19732376 A: 19970725
DE 19732376 C1: 19990218
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NOVELTY - the method involves directing light with components with distinguishable characteristics from at least two sources (5-8) coaxially towards the object. Each component is focussed at a different point on the line to produce a different light spot dia. Images of the spots are formed on a single detector which generates corresp. signals with distinguishable characteristics which are separately detected and identified to determine the distance USE - for measuring the distance from a measurement object to a reference point along a straight line ADVANTAGE - the measurement range is increased wrt. conventional methods without adversely affecting accuracy DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING(S) - The drawing shows a schematic with four light sources and three beam dividers (5-8) light sources; (13) beam dividers.