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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Ueberpruefen der Verbindungen gebondeter Wafer

Process and device for the inspection of the connections of bonded wafers
: Bollmann, D.

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DE 1995-19525770 A: 19950714
DE 1995-19525770 A: 19950714
DE 19525770 C1: 19960829
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A device for the inspection of the connection of at least two interconnected wafers comprises a pressure chamber in which the connected wafers can be fixed rigidly. The connected wafers are irradiated with an infrared radiation mainly perpendicular to the main surfaces of the same. The radiation transmitted by the connected wafers is recorded by a CCD camera, for example. Moreover, the device comprises a facility for comparing at least two radiation patterns recorded under different pressure conditions in the pressure chamber, said radiation patterns being transmitted by the connected wafers.