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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Schneiden eines sproeden Koerpers mit Laserstrahlung

Process and device for cutting a brittle body using laser radiation
: Bollmann, D.

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DE 1993-4305107 A: 19930219
DE 1993-4305107 A: 19930219
DE 4305107 C2: 19950223
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a process and a device for cutting a brittle body using laser radiation. The cutting of brittle bodies, in particular hollow bodies or plates, for example made of glass or ceramics, is a widely used technology. During the cutting process with laser radiation, it is desirable to input the largest possible heating power without exceeding the maximum permissible local power density along the cutting line. In the process described here, the surface of the body to be cut is heated along the cutting line by the effect of the laser beam in such a way that a thermo-mechanical stress builds up leading to rupture of the body along this cutting line. According to the invention, the laser beam is shaped so that the beam cross-section acting on the surface of the body to be cut has a longitudinal shape along the cutting line, whereby the ratio between length and width is adjustable. The process and the device can be used, for example, to cut off the press edge of dr inking glasses, whereby the glass turns in relation to the fixed laser beam