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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Materialbearbeiten mit Plasma induzierender Laserstrahlung

Process and device for material processing by means of plasma-inducing laser radiation
: Beyer, E.; Beersiek, J.; Schulz, W.; Nitsch, H.

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DE 1994-4434409 A: 19940926
DE 1994-4434409 A: 19940926
EP 1995-927625 A: 19950804
WO 1995-DE1017 W: 19950804
DE 4434409 C1: 19960404
EP 781187 B1: 19980513
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The invention relates to a process for material processing by means of plasma-inducing high-energy radiation, in particular laser radiation, whereby radiation emanating from the area of the workpiece (10) is observed in the axis (11) of the laser radiation (12) focused on the workpiece (10) as a function of time. In order to obtain a measure of the penetration depth of the vapour capillaries (13) in the workpiece (10), the procedure that takes place is that only the cross-section of the vapour capillaries (13) is observed at a field depth comprising the entire workpiece thickness (14), and that the mean value of the plasma radiation intensity is used as the measure for the penetration depth.