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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Lesen und/oder Beschreiben optischer Speichermedien mit zwei Informationstraegerschichten

Reading and writing of data into optical disc having two layers - using two lasers with same wavelength directed through optical system and onto two information layers.
: Tutsch, R.; Mischo, H.; Pfeifer, T.

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DE 1997-19712573 A: 19970325
DE 1997-19712573 A: 19970325
DE 19712573 A1: 19981001
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The reading and writing process is applied to an optical memory material which is in the form of two layers (4,5) from which information can written and read with the use of a single laser wavelength. The system has two laser diodes (6,7) with outputs focussed (8,9) onto prisms (10) and then to be focussed by an optical system (13,14) onto the two recording levels in the disc. Signals are reflected back to a beam splitter (18) to be received by detector elements. USE - Optical disc memory systems. ADVANTAGE - Allows simultaneous reading of both layers.