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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Lesen optischer Speichermedien

Optical reading method for optical discs - using two component laser beam with oscillating arrangement that allows two or more tracks to be read simultaneously.
: Tutsch, R.; Mischo, H.; Pfeifer, T.

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DE 1996-19636595 A: 19960910
DE 1996-19636595 A: 19960910
DE 19636595 C2: 19991007
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The method involves using the polarised light from a laser diode [4], which is directed through a collimator lens [5] and an optical deflector [7] to produce a static emission [8] and an oscillating emission [9]. Both of the emissions pass through a polarising decoupling unit, and onto a mirror for deflection at right angles through a quarter wave plate [12] and focal lens [13] positioned above the disc [3]. The static beam is modulated by the oscillating beam responding to information for the tracks [1a,1b,1c]. Preferably the oscillation frequency is at least 1 MHz. USE - For compact discs ADVANTAGE - Provides increased data transfer rate.