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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Herstellen eines Farbfilters, dadurch hergestellter Farbfilter sowie Verfahren zum Herstellen eines Grundkoerpers fuer eine solche Vorrichtung

Colour filter manufacture - by applying dyes on substrate through digital, high-resolution printing process.
: Weber, A.; Luethje, H.

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DE 1997-19705764 A1: 19970214
DE 1998-19806242 A: 19980216
DE 19806242 A1: 19980827
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The method involves applying dyes (30, 31, 32, 33) through a digital, high-resolution printing process on a substrate (20). Individual pads (11) on a main body (10) of a device (1) are charged with a positive or negative electrostatic charge, the dyes are applied on the charged pads, and the surface (23) of the filter substrate is layered under the application of a force with the charged pads. USE - Especially for flat image display, e.g. active-matrix LCD. ADVANTAGE - Provides improved resolution of colour filter and improved image quality.