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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Fuegen einer kontinuierlich gefoerderten stromleitenden Materialbahn

Process and device for joining a continuously conveyed current-conducting material track
: Herziger, G.; Neff, W.; Beyer, E.

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DE 1992-4219619 A: 19920616
DE 1992-4219619 A: 19920616
DE 4219619 C1: 19940127
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Process for joining layered elements (10) comprising a continuously conveyed current-conducting material track (11) which is placed between two guiding elements (13, 14) in mechanical contact with a further current-conducting material track (12). In order to manufacture layered elements, the process joins the two material tracks (11, 12) by means of a current-conducting hollow structure (15) inserted between them and keeping them apart, by introducing current pulses from one material track (11) via the hollow structure (15) to the other material track (12), said current pulses causing the joint at the contact points (16) of the material tracks (11, 12) and the hollow structure (15) or serving to detect unjoined contact points (16') after which the unjoined contact points (16') are heated to joining temperature.