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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Filtern von Feststoffen aus Fluessigkeiten

Rotating sieve for removal of particulate matter from continual flow of water.
: Bever, J.; Durchschlag, A.; Guderian, J.; Heil, V.

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DE 1997-19748746 A1: 19971105
DE 1998-19825985 A: 19980610
DE 19825985 A1: 19990610
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NOVELTY - The removal of solid particles from a liquid is by a sieve centrifuge. The fluid to be filtered is discharged into the rotating sieve. Liquid passes through the sieve, while concentrated solid particles are retained and discharged from time to time. The rotating sieve also generates primary and secondary turbulence which prevents blockage of the sieve by the concentrate. The direction of liquid flow into the sieve promotes a self-cleaning action. USE - To remove particulate matter from a liquid, especially water. ADVANTAGE - The process is capable of either continual or batch charge operation and provides a high performance specific filtration. DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING(S) - The drawing shows a schematic view of a cross-section of the sieve.