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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum dosierten Zerstaeuben von Fluessigkeiten sowie deren Verwendung

Process and device for the metered atomiziation of liquids and their use
: Herziger, G.; Neff, W.; Rothweiler, D.; Lebert, R.

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DE 1994-4409805 A: 19940322
DE 1994-4409805 A: 19940322
DE 4409805 C1: 19950713
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A process and a corresponding device for the metered atomization of liquids are known, by which pressure pulses are imparted to the liquid, said pressure pulses being exerted at different periods of time by means of at least one membrane acting on the liquid, said membrane being moved by the effect of a magnetic field generated by means of at least one current-carrying conductor, whereby current pulses are generated to control the pressure pulses. In order to specify a process and a device for the metered atomization of liquids which are capable of generating the short atomization pulses by the very high impact of force on the atomization element, electrical eddy currents are induced in a membrane having at least one electrically conductive coherent area, said eddy currents being generated by means of a time-variable magnetic field, whereby the magnetic field acting from outside is changed by current pulses in the electrical conductor and whereby the force moving the membrane is caused by eddy currents.