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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Bespannen von Schlaegerrahmen

Process and device for stringing racket frames
: Wagner, T.; Schweigert, U.

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DE 1992-4225473 A: 19920801
DE 1992-4225473 A: 19920801
DE 4225473 C1: 19940217
Patent, Electronic Publication
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In a process for stringing racket frames for sports such as tennis, squash or badminton, the string is inserted by means of a feed device into holes provided in the racket and the string is pushed through the channels of a restricted guiding device positioned within the racket to the opposite side of the racket. There the string is attached and secured and the free end of the string is taken up by the feed device and threaded into the next stringing hole of the racket frame and thus into the next guiding channel of the restricted guiding device and is then pushed through. This work process is repeated for two systems of guiding channels arranged perpendicular to each other until the racket has been completely stringed.