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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Bearbeiten von Werkstücken mit Laserstrahlung

Process and device for processing workpieces using laser radiation

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DE 1993-4334568 A: 19931011
DE 1993-4334568 A: 19931011
DE 4334568 A1: 19950413
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Process for processing workpieces (10) with laser radiation which is focused on the relatively moved workpiece (10) and causing an ionization effect on the material, whereby in addition to the laser beam, an arc (11) is applied in the area of the workpiece (10) to which laser radiation is applied. To prevent the arc (11) from remaining at its burnt-in location, the process foresees that an arc ignition takes place using intensity-modulated and/or pulsed laser radiation and/or pulsed and/or modulated electrode voltage, the arc (11) extinguishes itself after ignition or its electrode voltage is dropped below the arc drop voltage, and then a new arc is ignited.