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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Aufnehmen eines Objektes

Process and device for reciving an object
: Scheuermann, T.; Eyerer, P.; Elsner, P.; Geissler, A.

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DE 1995-19502472 A: 19950127
DE 1995-19502472 A: 19950127
WO 1996-EP166 W: 19960117
DE 19502472 A1: 19960801
EP 805996 A: 19971112
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In order to produce a sharply focused image, in particular a magnified image of an object, a process is proposed by which a structure is projected onto the object, the object is recorded in several planes (focal planes) perpendicular to the direction of observation, the contrast of the adjacent image areas is determined for each plane, the contrast between corresponding image areas of different planes are compared with each other, image areas of maximum contrast are selected from various planes and at least the latter is provided as a contract maximum image for further processing.