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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Applizieren einer Folie auf eine Oberflaeche

Automatic application of protective sheet to painted car surface - replaces protective wax and does not project at edges or hinder later handling whilst being more easily removed and disposed off.
: Maier, D.; Boley, D.

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DE 1996-19606395 A: 19960221
DE 1996-19606395 A: 19960221
DE 19606395 C1: 19971009
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A new method applies a sheet (1) to a surface (13), e.g. the painted surface of a car. The sheet is supplied from a roll (2), from which it is pulled off. It is laid on to the surface, being cut out before, during or after placing, such that the edge of the surface slightly projects beyond the edge of the cut sheet. The residue (11) is taken away, before, during or after placing, in an automatic process. Also claimed is the corresponding equipment, to carry out the proposed procedure. USE - Used to apply a sheet to a surface, especially a painted vehicular surface, for protection, replacing earlier methods of e.g. wax protection. ADVANTAGE - This process may be fully automated and the protected surface is formed easily and at small cost, and subsequently there is no difficulty in handling since there are no projecting sheet edges to cause problems. Applied to bonnet, boot and doors, all these can be opened afterwards without hindrance, allowing checking, and if necessary, rectification . The sheet is applied in such a manner that the paintwork, which may yet require full hardening, is not marked or damaged.