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Verfahren und Mittel zur Herstellung von alpha-Al2O3

Process for the production of alpha-Al2O3
: Schmidt, H.; Nass, R.; Sporn, D.; Brehler, K.P.

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DE 1990-4016637 A1: 19900523
DE 1991-4116523 A: 19910521
DE 4116523 C2: 19950810
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a process for the production of -Al<-2 O<-3 by the hydrolytic condensation of aluminium compounds. Hydrolyzable aluminium compounds based on the general formula of AlRR'R'', where R, R' and R'' each mean branched or unbranched alkyl, alkoxyl or acyloxy groups or anions are converted into aluminium/ diketone compounds before hydrolysis with diketones of the formula 1 where R->1, R->2 and R->3 mean branched or unbranched alkyl or alkoxyl or hydrogen atoms respectively. The aluminium/ diketone complex compounds are condensed hydrolytically and heated to temperatures of >= 900C.