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Verfahren und Fahrzeug zur Reinigung und Entleerung von Strassenablaeufen

Process and vehicle for cleaning and emptying road gullies
: Volz, H.; Strommer, W.M.

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DE 1993-4328480 A: 19930824
DE 1993-4328480 A: 19930824
DE 4328480 C1: 19941124
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a process and vehicle for cleaning and emptying road gullies closed by grates and equipped with containers to receive waste and sludge, whereby a swivel boom comprising control equipment is assigned to the vessel. The functions of detecting, gripping and moving grates convering the road gullies, and the functions of emptying and cleaning road gullies are performed by allocating automatically appropriate control equipment to a handling unit in connection with the boom. In order to fine-position the boom, a support device, a gripper system and a suction hose are allocated to a sensor system on the handling device. The sensor system sends measured data to a computer which also controls the handling unit. The grids to be emptied and cleaned are detected by the handling device by means of a data base which is assigned to the computer and known grate geometries are stored in the data. These data are compared with the data measured by the sensor system, thus permittin g the grate class to be detected.