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Verfahren und Einrichtung zur Vorbehandlung von Substraten

Substrate surface treatment prior to vacuum coating - comprises glow discharge treatment while periodically alternating substrate polarity.
: Goedicke, K.; Fietzke, F.; Reschke, J.; Hempel, W.; Scheffel, B.; Metzner, C.; Schiller, S.

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DE 1995-19546826 A: 19951215
DE 1995-19546826 A: 19951215
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WO 1996-EP5032 A: 19961115
DE 19546826 C1: 19970403
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Glow discharge pretreatment of substrate surfaces in vacuum, prior to vacuum coating, involves maintaining a low pressure glow discharge between the substrate and a counter-electrode made of the coating material or one or more of its components, while periodically alternating the substrate as the cathode or anode of the glow discharge at a polarity alternation frequency of 1 Hz to 1000 kHz. The pulse lengths and/or the discharge voltage are adjusted in both polarities. Also claimed is an appts. for carrying out the above process, in which the substrate (2) and the counter-electrode (6) are mounted in potential-free manner in an evacuable vessel, and are connected to an alternating voltage generator (8). USE - For pretreating electrically conductive or insulating substrate surfaces, e.g. steel, hard metal or ceramic tools or polymer surfaces, prior to applying an adherent coating by vacuum coating. ADVANTAGE - The process is applicable to conductive and insulating substrates, has low co st compared with r.f. plasma and radiation treatments, has increased effectiveness, is adapted to the properties of the substrate material and the coating material, and can be combined with the actual vacuum coating process without problems.