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Verfahren und Einrichtung zur Regelung von plasmagestuetzten Vakuumbeschichtungsprozessen

Method and appts. for controlling plasma-aided vacuum coating processes - with measurement of the force produced by electric discharge and use of the measurement signal as input to the process control system.
: Scheffel, B.; Goedicke, K.; Metzner, C.; Kirchhoff, V.

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DE 1996-19605316 A: 19960214
DE 1996-19605316 A: 19960214
DE 19605316 C1: 19961212
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The method concerns control of plasma-aided vacuum coating processes in which electric discharge is maintained for plasma generation, at least one cathode of electric discharge is used as a coating source (in the form of an electron-beam evaporator or a sputtering source), and at least one process parameter is adapted to the coating conditions by means of a control system. The force produced on the coating source by electric discharge is measured at least at one fixing point of the coating source. The measurement result is obtained as a signal which is used as an input to the control system. Also claimed is an appts. for implementation of the method. The appts. is novel in that it has at least one load measurement cell (3) which is located at the fixing of the coating source in the form of a cathode (2), and is electrically connected to the process control system. USE - For coating machine parts, tools, mirrors, panes of glass, etc. with functional layers. ADVANTAGE - Coatings with spe cified properties can be produced with relatively simple hardware. Control can be exerted independently of the electrical conductivity of the coating and/or substrate material.