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Verfahren und Einrichtung zur kontinuierlichen Herstellung von anorganisch gebundenen Werkstoffen, insbesondere von Werkstoffplatten

Process and device for the continuous production of inorganic bound materials, in particular material boards
: Sattler, H.

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DE 1984-3429790 A: 19840813
DE 1984-3441839 A: 19841115
EP 1985-109226 A: 19850723
DE 3441839 A1: 19860220
EP 171665 B1: 19890308
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The invention relates to a process for the continuous production of materials, in particular material panels, from mixtures of substances of binding agents cured by hydrate formation, reinforcement and, if necessary, auxiliary substances of a pourable or sprinklable consistency, whose specific material properties and usability are attained by durable and irreversible structural compression, whereby a panel section is formed from the mixture, said section is then compressed and calibrated. Prior to calibration, the panel section is compressed in a compression phase at a pressure of such intensity that its thickness after compression is less than the nominal value of the finished panel section, however, undershooting the thickness of said panel section and both being of such size that the compressed panel section is then immediately calibrated in a calibration phase without any active application of pressure. Moreover, the invention relates to a device for the performance of the describe d process.