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Verfahren und Einrichtung zum plasmaaktivierten Elektronenstrahlverdampfen

Process and device for plasma-activated electron beam deposition

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DE 1993-4336681 A: 19931027
DE 1993-4336681 A: 19931027
DE 4336681 C2: 19961002
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Known processes are not suitable for obtaining very high coating rates under intensive plasma action. The spectrum of the depositable materials should be very large, also for insulating layers. The efficiency of the process should be high. According to the invention, vapour deposition material is deposited from at least two vaporization vessels by electron beams. An electric voltage is applied to the vaporization vessel in such a way that the vapour-emitting areas act as electrodes for an electrical discharge. The vapour deposition material acts as a cathode or an anode. The process and the device are preferably for the reactive coating of large surfaces and for the reactive coating of components, tools and steel strip.