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Verfahren und Einrichtung zum Markieren von Objekten

Assembly for marking faults on moving materials - has detector to generate fault signal for timed operation of pyrotechnic marking cartridge.
: Jansen, H.W.

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DE 1996-19609563 A: 19960312
DE 1996-19609563 A: 19960312
DE 19609563 C1: 19970904
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The system to mark objects, to indicate fault locations, has a fault signal trigger from a detector to operate a following marker with a pyrotechnic propellant to deliver a marking material timed accurately to the fault site. Also claimed is an assembly with at least one cartridge (5) magazine (7) with at least one ignition (4) at a gap after the detector (2) in the direction of object (1) travel. Each cartridge (5) has a pyrotechnic propellant and a marking material. The detector (2) is electrically connected to the ignition (4) through an amplifier and a variable signal delay unit (3). USE - The system is for fault finding at moving materials, such as a belt or strand or continuous piping. ADVANTAGE - The system gives an accurate and economic marking of faults on moving materials.