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Analysis of multiple crack propagation in stiffened sheet.

Mehrfachrisse in versteiften Hautfeldern
: Lehrke, H.-P.; Schöpfel, A.

Engineering Materials Advisory Services Ltd. -EMAS-, Cradley Heath:
Aeronautical fatigue - key to safety and structural integrity. Proceedings
Warley, 1991
International Committee on Aeronautical Fatigue (Symposium) <16, 1991, Tokyo>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer LBF ()
aircraft industry; crack propagation; crack propagation prediction; damage tolerance; experiment; fatigue strength; Flugzeugbau; Mehrfachriss; multiple crack; Nietverbindung; residual strength; Restfestigkeit; Rißfortschritt; Rißfortschrittsvorhersage; riveted joint; Schadenstoleranz; Schwingfestigkeit; Spannungsintensitätsfaktor; stiffener; stress intensity factor; Versteifung; Versuch

A model for crack growth prediction in stiffened sheets and joints with multiple cracks is presented. To determine the stress intensity factors, interactions between cracks, load redistribution, and influences of holes on cracks are considered. Limitations of the model are briefly discussed. The applicability of the model is demonstrated on configurations available in the literature and results are compared with data from crack growth experiments.