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Verbesserung der Expression und der Reinigungsausbeute von menschlichem, rekombinanten Interferon Gamma (IFN-gamma)

Improvement in the expression and cleaning yield of human recombinant Interferon Gamma
: Slodowski, O.; Boehm, J.; Otto, B.

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DE 1990-4036855 A: 19901119
DE 1990-4036855 A: 19901119
DE 4036855 C1: 19920527
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention refers to a new process for the production of Interferon and a plasmid DNA. The process is characterized by Interferon being expressed from the plasmid DNA (DSM 6237) in the form of inclusion bodies and that said inclusion bodies are opened and freed by soluble protein. These inclusion bodies are then subjected to a denaturation process and are finally brought into active form in a renaturation step. According to the invention, concentration is then performed in a cation exchanger process in batches followed by gel filtration.