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Verbesserung der Blechteilqualität durch Streckziehen

: Bräunlich, H.; Lailach, A.

Blech Rohre Profile 40 (1993), No.6, pp.481-483
ISSN: 0006-4688
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Abformgenauigkeit; Blech; deep drawing; precision of the shape; sheet; Stabilität; stability; Streckziehen; stretch forming; Tiefziehen; tool design; Werkzeugauslegung

This paper is meant to acquaint the sheet metal worker with the numerous possibilities that stretch forming offers as an economical supplementary and alternative process as compared to deep drawing. A number of cost saving effects can be achieved by suitably designed multi-purpose tooling. In addition to the higher precision of the shape and the higher stability of stretch formed components it is above all the saving in sheet material for the component, the simpler tool design and the lesser expenditure for test runs that help reduce production costs. Modern stretch forming technologies do not need separate (mostly hydraulic) clamping devices so that the process can be used on widely varying types of presses. It is also suitable, as will be illustrated by the solutions discussed, for use on multi-station presses and press lines. The stroke rate per minute is the same as in deep drawing.