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Vehicle classification within the system SAFIR

: Heinze, N.; Korn, A.; Sung, C.-K.; Berger, L.

Leberl, F. ; International Association for Pattern Recognition -IAPR-, Technical Committee 7, Remote Sensing and Mapping:
Mapping buildings, roads and other man-machine structures from images. Proceedings of the IAPR TC 7 Workshop "Remote Sensing and Mapping"
Wien: Oldenbourg, 1996 (Schriftenreihe der Österreichischen Computer-Gesellschaft 92)
ISBN: 3-486-24028-5
ISBN: 3-7029-0423-9
ISBN: 3-85403-092-4
Workshop "Remote Sensing and Mapping" <1996, Graz>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IITB ( IOSB) ()
aerial image; classification; detection; Detektion; Fahrzeug; IR; Klassifikation; Luftbild; man made structure; regions of interest; ROI; vehicle; VIS

A concept for vehicle detection and classification in aerial images (VIS and IR) is considered as an example of the general task of detection and classification of man made structures. The procedure consists of several steps, including extraction of regions of interest, segmentation, and the classification of vehicles in the framework of the interactive SAFIR (System Architecture and Functionality for Image based Reconnaissance) system. By this multistep approach the large amount of information in images can be reduced very much, so that reasonable support for the human observer can be achieved. Main point of contribution is the description of the most important processing stages and the discussion of some results.