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Vakuumbedampfung biologisch abbaubarer Folien

Vacuum coated biodegradable plastic films

Spektrum der Wissenschaft (1995), No.2, pp.84-87
ISSN: 0170-2971
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
barrier; Barriere; Bioabbaubarkeit; biodegradability; Folie; Kunststoff; plastic; vacuum coating; Vakuumbedampfung

Because of the high cost and insufficient barrier properties against gases, water vapour and aromas, only limited use of biodegradable plastics for food packaging is possible. It is, however, possible to improve barrier propterties through vacuum coating of biodegradable films with of e.g. silicon monoxide or alumina. Yet, for the time being, insufficient film qualities are the main limiting factor to achievement of very good barrier properties by coating. Only cellophane, as an already well-developed material can allow for excellent improvements.