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Vacancy-assisted oxygen precipitation phenomena in Si

Vakanzenbeschleunigte Sauerstoffpräzipitation in Si
: Falster, R.; Pagani, M.; Gambaro, D.; Cornara, M.; Olmo, M.; Ferrero, G.; Pichler, P.; Jacob, M.

Diffusion and defect Data. B, Solid State Phenomena 57/58 (1997), pp.129-136
ISSN: 1012-0394
ISSN: 0377-6883
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IIS B ( IISB) ()
Gitterleerstellen; nitridation; Punktdefekte; Sauerstoffpräzipitation; silicium

The influence of vacancy concentration on oxygen nucleation/precipitation kinetics in CZ silicon has been studied. Vacancies have been injected into the wafer bulk by thermal nitridation of the surface. This treatment causes oxygen precipitation enhancement. material is also characterized by a significant formation of oxygen precipitates at low temperatures, even in material in which the as-grown oxygen precipitates have been suppressed. Finally, experimental evidence is presented that vacancies are consumed during the nucleation process.