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Using new technologies

Automation of working methods in meat dissection
: Lay, N.

Fleischwirtschaft 77 (1997), No.5, pp.447-449
ISSN: 0015-363X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Entbeinprozeß; Fleischschneideprozeß; Fleischwirtschaft; Industrieroboter; Roboter; virtual prototyping; Zerlegen

The permanently increasing demands for meat products at simultaneous high quality requirements and strictly hygienic guidelines make the challenge for the modern meat processing industry to invent rationalisation potentials and put them into practice. Moreover, the bad working conditions, both in ergonomic and in climatic point of view, result in a high sickness rate and represent unattractive jobs on the labour market. Thus, a high fluctuation of the personnel and the simultaneously decreasing number of applicants makes cogent necessary to use new technologies for the automation.