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Use of surfactants and aliphatic hydrocarbons to accelerate degradation of phenanthrene


Chmiel, H.; Reuss, M.; Gilles, E.-D.; Knackmuss, H.-J.:
Biochemical Engineering '91
Stuttgart: Fischer, 1991
pp.449-451 : Abb.
Book Article
Fraunhofer IGB ()

The present study deals with the limiting factors of the microbial degradation of phenanthrene. In aqueous systems as well as in aqueous/organic systems the velocity of substrate transfer appears to limit the growth of the bacteria. The velocity of solubilization directly depends on the area diffusion. Thus, in aqueous systems the degradation of phenanthrene can be accelerated with decreasing particle size of the substrate. The rate of degradation can be increased again by solubilization of phenanthrene in an organic solvent. A further acceleration of the degradation of phenanthrene and the corresponding growth of the microorganisms can be achieved by the increase of the area of substrate diffusion due by the use of nonionic surfactants.