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Upscaling of the hot-filament CVD process for deposition of diamond films on large-scale substrates

: Schäfer, L.; Sattler, M.; Klages, C.-P.

Tzeng, Y.:
ADC '91. Applications of Diamond Films and Related Materials. Proceedings : Proceedings of the First International Conference on the Applications of Diamond Films and Related Materials, ADC '91, Auburn, Alabama, USA, August 17 - 22, 1991
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 1991 (Materials Science Monographs 73)
ISBN: 0-444-89162-5
International Conference on the Applications of Diamond Films and Related Materials <1, 1991, Auburn/Ala.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IST ()
chemical vapour deposition; convection; diamond film; heat transport; hot-filament CVD; uniform deposition

Experiments aiming at the development of a large-area hot-filament diamond CVD process have shown, that-aside from filament material and design considerations-the transport of gas species to the growth front of the polycrystalline diamond film deserves special attention. The present paper reports investigations on a four-filament set-up used to coat 2 inch diameter substrates. In oxygen-free atmospheres, satisfying results were obtained with thick, uncoiled Ta filaments, arranged vertically. Local diamond growth rate distributions obained with methane and acteylene as carbon sources under free and forced convection conditions reveal, that the filaments, aside from their role as hydrogen atom sources, possibly may at as sinks for growth species due to their conversion to acetylene.