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Untersuchungen über die Reaktion von Aromavorstufen des Kakaos

Investigation on the Reactions of Flavor Precursors in Cocoa
: Ziegleder, G.

Angewandte Botanik (1994), No.5, pp.148-151
ISSN: 0066-1759
Tropische Nutzpflanzen <1994, Hamburg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
aroma; cocoa; drying; fermentation; flavor; Kakao; roasting; Rösten; Trocknung

Cocoa flavor is mainly responsible for the taste and value of cocoa products. It is developed via Maillard reacting during the roasting process. The necessary flavor precursors free amino acids, peptides, fructose and glucose, are formed during fermentation of cocoa seeds by a partly decomposition of proteins and sucrose. It is well known that just parts of these precursors will be transformed into flavor compounds. The defined reasons for this limited transformation are still unknown. Investigations just being in work may show if there exists a correlation between the arise of Amadori-compounds and the flavor yield. Amadori-compounds are interesting intermedia products of the Maillard reaction and their concentration may be increased by an optimized drying process of cocoa beans.