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Untersuchungen an Stahloberflächen für das Kleben

: Brockmann, W.; Kollek, H.; Schäfer, H.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Materialforschung -IFAM-, Bremen:
Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Materialforschung. Tätigkeitsbericht 1986
Bremen, 1985
Book Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
adhesive joint; durability; electron microscopy; steel adherend; surface pretreatment

Strength and durability of adhesive bonded steel essentially are influenced by the properties of the steel surface. The widely used description of the surface on the basis of its roughness or metallic lustre is insufficient. This becomes apparent if the surfaces are investigated even in the smallest measurable scale. There will be results which won't fit to the previous theories of adhesion but may give initial steps for new developments in the field of surface pretreatment.