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Der unternehmensspezifische Kernprozess - seine Bedeutung für Produktionsstrategie und Prozeßinnovation

: Mertins, K.; Kiowski, J.; Edeler, H.; Sauer, O.

ZWF CIM 88 (1993), No.2, pp.84-86
ISSN: 0932-0482
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
corecompetence; coreprocess; Fabrikplanung; Fertigungsorganisation; Kernbaugruppe; Kernprozeß; manufacturing organization; planning

Its importance for product strategy and process innovation. At present manufacturing companies are increasingly endeavouring to improve their performance in all areas of the factory. In this effort a mere copying of methods successful in other places such as lean production can scarcely lead to the desired results in the formation of the production process. Instead, it is necessary to concentrate on the know-how existing in the company and to organize the production process as a company-specific core process.