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Uncooled high-temperature (130 deg C) operation of InGaAs-GaAs multiple quantum-well lasers at 20 Gb/s

Ungekühlter Hochtemperaturbetrieb (130 Grad C) von InGaAs-GaAs MQW Lasern bei 20 Gb/s


IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 9 (1997), No.5, pp.575-577
ISSN: 1041-1135
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
digital modulation; Halbleiterlaser; high-speed devices; Hochgeschwindigkeits-Bauelemente; quantum-well laser; semiconductor laser

Short-haul fiber-optic communication systems require high-speed semiconductor lasers that can operate uncooled over a wide temperature range. In this letter, we describe high-speed short-cavity InGaAs-GaAs multiple-quantum-well lasers operating at 1.1-mu m wavelength. The Fabry-Perot lasers were fabricated in a triple-mesa geometry suitable for on-wafer probing. With 3 x 200 mu m(exp 2) ridge-waveguide lasers, which showed the best compromise between high-temperature and high-speed performance, a 3-dB modulation bandwidth of 14.5 GHz at 130 deg C was achieved. Uncooled 20-Gb/s operation of these lasers is presented over a wide-temperature range from 25 deg C to 130 deg C without automatic power control.