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Ultrastructural observations in mouse lungs after short term inhalation of cadmium compounds

: Dasenbrock, C.; Paulini, I.; Thiedemann, K.-U.

Trace elements in medicine 7 (1990), No.2, pp.66
ISSN: 0174-7371
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
cadmium; Inhalation; light microscopy; lung; mouse; pathology; scanning electron microscopy; short-term inhalation; transmission electron microscopy

Chronic environmental or workplace inhalation exposure to Cadmium (Cd) compounds causes lung cancer, but the effects of acute Cd inhalation are not known. In this study, the acute morphological changes due to short term Cd exposure in lung were investigated by light and transmission electron microscopy. Acute Cd inhalation causes severe lung damage in mice which partly persists after a clean air recovery period. Different Cd compounds evoke different types morphological changes, Cd oxide causing the earliest and most severe tissue damage.