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Ultrastructural alterations in the livers of golden hamsters following experimental chronic inhalation of diluted diesel exhaust emission

: Meiß, R.; Robenek, H.; Schubert, M.; Themann, H.; Heinrich, U.

International archives of occupational and environmental health 48 (1981), pp.147-157
ISSN: 0340-0131
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
diesel motor exhaust gas; disease; golden hamster; hamster; Inhalation; liver; toxicology

The livers of Syrian golden hamsters were examined with the light and electron microscope using the techniques of thin sectioning and freeze-fracture following 5 months of exposure to various concentrations of diluted diesel exhaust gases. The light microscopical examination showed enlarged sinusoides with activated Kupffer's cells and slight changes in the cell nuclei. In the electron microscopical examination the most striking changes were seen in the mitochondria, which frequently showed a loss in cristae. In addition, the mitochondria exhibited pleomorphic character. The microbodies were of the same size as mitochondria. An increase in the number of lysosomes was observed especially in the tissue surrounding the narrow bile canaliculi. The various alterations corresponding to the different concentrations of exhaust gases could be seen expecially well in the sinusoides, the mitochondria and the microbodies. (Abstract truncated)