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Ultrasonic Characterization of State and Properties of Al Structures

: Schneider, E.

Comite Europeen sur les Essais Non Destructifs -ECNDT-, Paris:
7th European Conference on Nondestructive Testing 1998. Vol. 1
Broendby, Denmark, 1998
ISBN: 87-986898-0-00
European Conference on Nondestructive Testing (ECNDT) <7, 1998, Copenhagen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
aluminium; elastic constants; elastische Konstanten; process integrated nondestructice testing; Ultraschallwelle; ultrasonic wave

The contribution gives a short overview of IZFP investigations towards the process integrated characterization of microstructure and evaluation of mechanical properties of Al structures. The propagation velocities of ultrasonic waves allow the evaluation of the elastic constants of the alloy and good correlations are found between the acousto-elastic constant of different alloys and their yield strengths. The tensile strength is evaluated using an eddy current techniuqe. Using the times-of-flight of different ultrasonic waves, the residual stress states in plates and welded parts are evaluated. The texture in Al-sheets is determined and the earing parameter is characterized using measurements of ultrasonic times-of-flight as function of the ultrasonic propagation direction. Ultrasonic backscattering technique is applied to visualize the distribution of ceramic reinforcements in automotive pistons and conrods made of Al-based metal matrix composites. The volume content on reinforcement is evaluated from the ultrasonic velocities.