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Ultraschallwandler zur Abstandsmessung

Ultrasonic transducer for distance measurement - has active movable damping element activated during reception of reflected ultrasonic signals for damping oscillation of transducer element.
: Dahlkemper, J.

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DE 1996-19605502 A: 19960214
DE 1996-19605502 A: 19960214
DE 19605502 C1: 19970424
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The transducer has a transducer element (1), acting as both a transmitter and a receiver. The element is contained within a transducer housing together with an electronic stage for generation and evaluation of the ultrasonic signals and an active movable damping element (4) at a given distance from the transducer element. The damping element is inactive during the transmission of the ultrasonic signals and is activated during the reception of the reflected ultrasonic signals, for damping the oscillation of the transducer element. USE - For distance sensor in automobile, driverless transport systems, service robots and as sensor for medical appts..