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Ultrasonic probe
: Gebhardt, W.; Woll, H.

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DE 1989-3908621 A1: 19890316
DE 1990-4007631 A: 19900310
DE 4007631 C2: 19920130
Patent, Electronic Publication
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An ultrasonic probe for an ultrasonic frequency of below 2 MHz has an oscillation crystal setup (1) on whose side opposite the sound emission direction is arranged a damping body (2) composed of a large number of laminated, good sound-conducting layers (3) and sound-absorbing layers (5). The sound-conducting and sound-absorbing layers (3, 5) run parallel to the surface (4) of the oscillation crystal setup (1, 7) and thus at right angles to the sound emission direction. The sound-conducting layers (3) are homogeneous thin metal foils (3). The thickness of each of the metal foils (3) and the thickness of each of the sound-absorbing layers (5) is, in each case, at least 10 times smaller than the ultrasonic wavelength in each layer (3, 5). Through the large number of laminated sound-conducting and sound-absorbing layers (3, 5) in the order of magnitude of several 100s, a high acoustic impedance and a high acoustic absorption is possible.