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Überlegungen zu einer neuen Organisation

: Probst, M.J.

Europa Carton AG:
Organisationsentwicklung Managementführungskreis. Tagungsunterlagen
Organisationsentwicklung Managementführungskreis <1995>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IFF ()
competitiveness; corrugated board industry; Marktmerkmale; Marktverhalten; production trends; Produktionstrends; turbulent market; turbulenter Markt; Wellpappenindustrie; Wettbewerbsfähigkeit

The market situation is comming more and more turbolent like chaos. Only companies with a strong customeroriented market management will be able to keep and improve there profit. One main item to stabilize and improve the turn over and the profit is make a advanced organization for customized massproduction. One key point is to introduce Fractals and Holons. The new production process includes now the orderperiode, delivery and after-sales-service. Under the premisis of changing from capital to an information oriented market system with an extremly consense of realtion. With the MM-System Vitalization every company is able to improve its ability to service in the turbolent market oft the 21th century.