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Trockenchemische Vorbehandlung von Metallen und Nichtmetallen

Dry chemical pretreatment of metals and nonmetals
: Hennemann, O.-D.; Krueger, G.

Adhäsion (1991), No.6, pp.30-32
ISSN: 0001-8198
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
aluminium; CrNi-Stahl; Kleben; Klebfestigkeit; Polypropylen; Stahl; Vorbehandlung

A significant step in the technological process involving the production of bonds is the pretreatment of the adherend surfaces. Many investigations in the field of bonding technology have gone to show that pretreatment has a significant influence on bond performance later. Bonds which have to stand up to high mechanical loads and/or are exposed to different media are therefore normally pretreated. The effect of such pretreatment, which is particularly adapted to the material and the components may in this respect be demonstrated on the basis of prolonged testing in a moist environment.