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Partition wall with flexible components - has components joined to one another by ring cords forming double loops.
: Kern, P.; Bauer, W.; Schmidt, M.; Stimpfig, E.

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DE 1997-19731439 A: 19970722
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The partition wall components are column structures (1) with elliptical or round cross-section. The ring cords (3) are insertable in groove-shaped ring cord guides (2) in adjacent column structures (1). The ring cord guides are arranged at the upper and lower ends of the column structures. The ring cords (3) are of an elastic material. The column structures are formed from two interconnected half shells. The column structures have elastic sealing lips (4) or on opposing longitudinal straight sides incisions and nose-shaped projections which engage one another. The lips or the incisions and projections are on contact surfaces with adjacent column structures. ADVANTAGE - The partition wall is easy to erect and is flexibly inserted and arranged.